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Specialised Services

Home Cleaning Services


Our Residential sector cleaning staffs are mostly female and with them we have experienced male staff to assist them in cleaning elevated areas and façade. Our staff is well trained in taking care of your house in every manner that ensures all your plumbing, electrical & HVAC fixtures are being turned on & off during periodic cleaning to avoid rust, leakage & to avoid blockages. Thus we ensure all electrical, plumbing & HVAC fixtures are intact upon your arrival on vacation or while returning on your permanent settlement, more over our staff will open all the windows during periodic cleaning to de odorize the house, so that our clients will not feel that their house is not occupied for long months during their stay in abroad.

    Our Home cleaning services includes
  • Floor, Carpet & upholstery Cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Windows & doors (windows will be kept open during routine cleaning to de odorize the house)
  • Cleaning of all Electrical Fixtures
  • Cleaning of all Plumbing Fixtures
  • Brushing of all A/C (window & Split if Any)
  • Brushing & wet cleaning of all rooms Including wash rooms & Kitchen
  • Façade brushing
  • Back Yard brushing*
  • Cleaning of wooden, Glass & steel Staircases.
  • Spider’s web cleaning on interior & exterior walls.
  • Wardrobe & cupboard cleaning
  • Car porch brushing & wet cleaning